Pet Owners in the City Limits

2014 tags have expired. 2015 tags are available at the city office. Ordinance #388 states that all dogs and cats must have a current city tag. Fees are as follows:
Dogs $21 neutered/spayed Cats $13 neutered/spayed
$26 not neutered/spayed $16 not neutered/spayed
The owner of pet must present certification that the dog or cat has a current rabies shot.

Bennington’s 2015 Clean Up Day

The City of Bennington will hold its annual Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 18, 2015. Clean Up Day activities provide a great opportunity for you or your organization or business to be involved and volunteer to clean up your community. Participation opportunities include:

Cleaning City Parks
Centennial Park * Johns-Bohn Park * Tim Ohrt Park

Litter Pick Up
Streets * Alleys * Lots

Beautification and Community Improvement Projects
plant flowers * plant gardens * create your own project

Please contact the city office at 238-2375 to schedule your project.
Working in affiliation with: Keep America Beautiful / Great American Cleanup / Keep Nebraska Beautiful

2015 Spring Community Garage Sales – Saturday, April 25

It’s time to prepare for Bennington’s Spring Community Garage Sale! The date is set for Saturday, April 25, 2015 beginning at 8am. The Bennington Jaycees will advertise this event in local newspapers as well as hand out maps that day. If you would like your location placed on the map or are interested in locating a sale in Centennial Park, email no later than Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

Bennington Daze 2015- June 19/20/21

Friday, June 19: Food – Games – Family Fun in Centennial Park
Saturday, June 20: Parade – More Fun in Centennial Park – Street Dance
Sunday, June 21: Community Worship Service in Centennial Park

Bennington Daze provides a great opportunity for you, your organization or business to get involved and support our community. This is also a great time to raise funds and entertain kids at the same time. Use your imagination and help us make Bennington Daze fun for all! If you have ideas or need ideas on how to be a part of Bennington’s annual celebration, please contact Bennington Community Foundation representatives Tim Clark at 238-3417 or Dave Clark at 238-2993.

2015 Farmer’s Market

Don’t miss out – Saturdays this summer from 8am to noon, kicking off during Bennington Daze. Vendors are needed to set up and sell! Farmers, crafters, local & home-based businesses and non-profit organizations are welcome! Bring your fruits, vegetables and other produce from local farms as well as flowers, bedding plants, art, baked goods and more! For complete details and form, contact: Judy Winnicki – Ph – 402-208-8395.


Ordinances #308 designates snow emergency guidelines within the City of Bennington. When a snow emergency is declared, an announcement will be made on two or more radio or television stations. During a snow emergency, motor vehicles shall only be parked on the streets as follows:

• On odd numbered days (for example January 3, 5, 7, etc.), motor vehicles shall only be parked on that side
of the street that has an odd numbered address (for example 113, 115, 117, etc., N. Molley).
• On even numbered days (for example January 2, 4, 6, etc.), motor vehicles shall only be parked on that side of the street that has an even numbered address (for example 112, 114, 116, etc., N. Molley).
• The purpose of these requirements is to ensure public safety and to allow for expeditious clearing of snow and ice from streets.
• …”No Parking” signs shall not warrant the issuance of traffic tickets during a snow emergency while persons comply with the requirements of this section.
• Vehicles parked in violation are declared a nuisance and a danger to interference with snow emergency operations, and the city law enforcement officers have the authority to ticket the registered owner and order the removal of any vehicle parked in violation. Expenses incurred in the ticketing or towing and storage of such vehicle shall be paid by the registered owner.

Ordinance #309 regulates removal of ice and snow from sidewalks within the City of Bennington.

• It shall be the duty of the occupant, as well as the owner of any lot, land, or real estate in the city to clear all ice and snow from the sidewalks within twenty-four hours after the cessation of any storm or fall of snow.
• It shall be unlawful to place snow and ice on any alley or street from private sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, roofs or other private property.
• If any person is injured in body or property because of neglect, failure or refusal of any occupant or owner to clear the sidewalks abutting the premises of snow or ice, the owner shall be liable to the city for any amount of damages and costs recovered by the injured party against the city.


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