Activities for Children

There is plenty of recreation for children in Bennington, NE. Activities and contacts are listed on the Organizations page.

Community Garage Sales

Bennington area residents hold semi-annual garages sales in the spring and at the end of summer. Please check back for upcoming dates.

Farmer’s Market

Please join us in the summer for the Annual Bennington Farmer’s Market. For more information, please call the city office or e-mail Judy for more information.

Summer Program
The City of Bennington sponsors various summer activities and educational opportunities throughout June each year. Please check back next year to view the offerings.

Bennington Daze
Photo courtesy of Douglas County Post Gazette
The annual celebration of the City of Bennington is held every year in June. Events include sports tournaments, street dances, movie-in-the-park, parade, games and much more!

Bennington Daze activities provide a great opportunity for you and your organization or business to be involved and volunteer to support your community. If you have ideas or need ideas on how to be a part of Bennington’s annual celebration, please contact the city office.